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Heat Pump Heating and Refrigeration Technology

Core Technology


Technical Classification

Underground heat pump system

Seawater source heat pump system

Surface water source heat pump system

Sewage source heat pump system

Groundwater source heat pump system

Air source heat pump

Technical Advantages

Application Fields

Various types of heat pump systems can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other public buildings, small heat pump system is more suitable for villa heating and cooling.

There is no municipal heat or gas, and both require cooling and heating.

Sewage source heat pump is used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and schools where there is municipal main sewer.

Ground source heat pump: Where there is sufficient space for drilling or concealing pipes.

Water Source Heat Pumps: Where there is available and ample amount of surface water or groundwater.

System Integration and Energy Services

Provide system integration, investment, construction and operation services for heating, cooling and hot water.

According to the size, it is divided into distributed energy, regional energy and large-scale long-term energy.

Distributed energy:

HE-Energy investment and construction distributed energy station, providing heating or cooling, etc., widely used in schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, hotels, factories, office buildings and greenhouses.

The distributed energy station room is generally located in a building or community residential quarters.

Regional Energy:

HE-Energy investment and construction concentrated power stations, providing heating and cooling for different construction projects. Regional energy stations are generally built on public land designated and authorized by the government.

Long-term energy sources:

For the power plants, steel mills, petrochemical and other large industrial enterprises, there is a lot of heat waste during the production stage, but these enterprises are usually further away from the city.

HE Energy

Long-term energy business is the recycling of the waste heat resources, long-distance transportation to the cities where heat demand is greater.

Project Cases

Shenyang Sunshine 100, International New Town, is Asia's largest sewage source heat pump in application and is a good example of how heating and energy saving is being utilized in the Northern Cities.

The multi-functional integrated high-end community consists of integrated top hotels, office buildings, art SOHO, Binhe International Business District, Binhe Plaza and the International House.

For two consecutive years the project has been recognized for its high performance and achievement, being awarded with the ‘public’s satisfaction’ title for 2013-2015.

Chinese People's Liberation Army No. 202 Hospital is a comprehensive triple A level hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.

The project was put into use in June 2012, with operating temperatures of 20-22 °C in winter and 24-26°C in summer, maintaining stable operation, the heating and cooling effects are imperative to the functioning of the hospital.