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Case study: Clean-combustion

Clean Combustion Technology

Nowva Energy adopts advanced combustion technology and strict measures for environmental protection , ensuring compliance with relevant emission standard for gas boiler.

Industrial Waste Recycling Technology

Nowva Energy transfers industrial solid waste into heat energy through clean combustion, leading recycling technology in China.

Biomass Thermal Technology

Nowva Energy does well in burning all kinds of biomass for energy, reducing fuel bills for our clients.

Technical Characteristics

Excellent Thermal Conversion Efficiency

Nowva Energy adopts tertiary-chambered , two-layered ash back furnace to ensure longer combustion time for high thermal efficiency of 87% to 91%.

Lower Separation Temperature

Nowva Energy adopts medium range temperature (below 500 ) separation technology , avoiding rear burner post-combustion and separator carbonization.

SNCR Technology

Nowva Energy technology adopts strict environmental standard, surpassing relevant national emission standard through two-stage desulfurization, two-stage dust collection and furnace denitrification (SNCR), suitable for coal, biomass, industrial waste and so on.

Project Cases:

Tobacco Stem Waste Disposal and Comprehensive Utilization:

There are over 60 tobacco redrying factories in China, generating about 400000 tons of tobacco stem waste every year. Horizontal-type CFB tobacco stem combustion technology is the only successful solution at present. Our technology solves problem related to tobacco stem processing , enables replacement of the coal consumption, which greatly reduces production energy consumption. This technology has been listed as key technology in the Key Projects 2014 by China National Tobacco Corporation.

Seeds Drying Heat Source System

Nowva Energy technology enables corncob to replace coal or gas, as well as solves the carbonization and dusting problem in combustion chambers. A new design of hot-water hot-wind heat transfer system ensures temperature requirement for field applications.

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