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Since Professor Xu Bing-ye developed the first ground source heat pump in China in 1994, the heat pump products and systems of HE-Energy have been implemented and applied in eighteen provincial and autonomous regions. The total coverage area put in operation is nearly ten million square meters, established in five energy service sectors: Northeast, North China, Northwest, East China and Central Plains.

As an industry leader of ground source heat pumps and a pioneer of national energy service operations that drives regional and long distance energy development. The HE-Energy is committed towards working on haze and emission reductions with substantial efforts placed in energy conservation.

HE-Energy has a strong financial and operations management experience, with a strong support of the National Development Bank, Bank of Beijing, Nanjing Bank and other financial institutions. Furthermore, it has the support of seven national energy service providers and nine years’ experience in the new energy project operation and management.

Heat pump as a core product is a comprehensive development and utilization of new energy and waste heat technologies. Providing high-efficiency, heat pump product provides an overall green energy solution and long-term investment for our customers.

The company’s developmental technology, products and services are not only recognized by our users, but also by the government and the media.

It has been awarded with ‘energy-saving mission reduction model enterprises’ award, listed as a ‘top ten brand enterprise for building energy-saving technologies’, multiple awards by the Ministry of Housing, an award for ‘top ten system integrations and core technology production’, as well as frequent mentions by the News Network.

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汇聚高端科技人才,公司高管被北京市政府选为 “科技北京领军人才”

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