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Enlightenment clean energy group, relying on the strong advantages of Tsinghua University, the integration of technology and capital, efforts to build China's clean energy ecosystem.

Enlightenment of clean energy group's predecessor, is leading the solar thermal industry 25 years of Tsinghua SunShine Co, with the development of technology and innovation platform is becoming more and more mature, with scientific research institutions and talents of colleges and universities, research output as the driving force for enterprise development, further integration of clean energy technologies in the field of source, and gradually realize the industrial upgrading, clean energy platform a multi field has begun to take shape.

Now, the group has its own sun, Qing Yun, China enlightenment nowva energy and enlightenment, enlightenment, enlightenment Youha Huayu Huateng and inspire love can inspire and enlighten to enlightenment, Rui, Rui breeze, enlightenment and many other enlightenment Sanhui clean energy Domain company. The company has assets of companies, there are technical service companies, the new technology companies in the traditional areas of application, also have storage technology companies, each company has independent intellectual property rights of the patent technology. The China SunShine Co owns the world's leading solar thermal utilization technology and the world's first solar production line, located in Shandong Zhucheng production base fully commissioned in 2016; inspired by Professor Lu Qiang China Huateng academy team as the core, the compressed air energy storage industry leading technology; thermal energy is expected to start in 2017 more than 200 million square meters clean coal heating is better than natural gas emission standards.

The core business at this stage of enlightenment clean energy group covering solar photovoltaic power generation, heating and cooling, clean coal combustion, biomass energy utilization, waste heat recovery, centralized heating, city large temperature field intelligent heating pipe network, heat pump, refrigeration compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage, distributed gas, and has formed a diversified collaborative development pattern.

Enlightenment of clean energy group to promote innovation in the field of clean energy, in cooperation with the enlightenment star, the establishment of clean energy and inspiration from the incubator, optimize energy outstanding enterprises, provide living infrastructure and product application platform for the sharing of incubator capital, consulting and networking resources. Also dedicated to create a clean energy promotion fund, through direct investment in their own funds to promote the growth of enterprises. 2016, to further promote the local joint research in the area of clean energy, clean energy and inspiration group of Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University jointly established the clean energy industry accelerator, the outstanding achievements in scientific research to promote the Industrialization Department of tsinghua. In November of the same year, he founded the school of energy and power engineering, Jiangsu University, and co founded the New Energy Institute of Qinghai University with Jiangsu University, Qinghai University. With the use of solar thermal founder professor Yin Zhiqiang is the dean of the Tsinghua Research Institute, has gathered a large number of industry experts, to the field of clean energy technology development, communication and difficult problems of interdisciplinary and collaborative prospective study, and puts forward some practical suggestions and countermeasures.

Industry first, capital financing. Enlightenment of clean energy group and a number of banks set up clean energy and clean energy industry fund equity investment fund, promote the major projects on investment in emerging markets and enter the The Belt and Road.

In the new period of development, enlightenment of clean energy group has completed the clean electricity and clean the thermodynamic aspects of the layout, the formation of hard investment and new technology industry model, relying on the enlightenment holding capital and financial advantages, and further play to the advantages of Tsinghua University research, using the concept of investment and incubation, more scientific research results into the industry and accelerate the development of industrialization of technology, the development target of industrial capital.